About us

Culture Center Tuddal Norway (CCTN) was established in 2019. The base was founded in Tuddal Kro & Catering, in the heart of Tuddal, strategically located next to the main road of Tuddal. It is close to the famous and popular Gaustatoppen mountain in Norway. Tuddal is also known as the sunny side of the Gaustatoppen mountain, as it is illuminated by the warm sun all year round. Tuddal offers great hiking opportunities in summer and winter, including a large trail network of approximately 70 km and ski resorts in winter.

For everything that Tuddal can offer, visit visittuddal.no.

Tuddal Kro & Catering was built in 1954 and is a building with folk features. In the 1990s, it was taken over by Knut Buen, Norway's most famous national string instrumentalist. At the time, it was named as Knutepunkt (KNUT Point), in the name of the performer, so this place has always enjoyed a good reputation.

The intention of CCTN was to combine culture and leisure. Here you can hear a concert by different styles of musicians every month. On weekends or holidays, you have the opportunity to take part in short master classes for different instruments. Summer and Winter Holidays CCTN organizes cultural camps or instrumental master classes for young people, especially for children from China to join a unique cultural and natural experience.

When you are on a trip to the Gaustatoppen Mountains or on a hike to take a break, you can enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee or experience the unique Chinese tea culture here. You can also stay overnight and get in shape to continue your next journey. If you are planning your wedding, adult ceremony, vacation trip or finding a meeting place, Tuddal Kro & Catering will be a good choice. It is adjacent to the church, surrounded by green grass and a beautiful lake and is equipped with a professional kitchen, bar, and comfortable dining room.

CCTN is committed to bringing together local fine ethnic cultural elements to spread it across the wider world, allowing people outside the local area to experience and enjoy its beauty, attracting more people with the charm of Norwegian national feature to come to Norway and come to Tuddal.