Norwegian summer culture - special experience

A special camp activity may change a child's life.
This summer, let's have a cultural exchange and communication with Norway! Culture Center Tuddal Norway (CCTN) is located in the most picturesque town of Tuddal in the middle of the city between Rjukan and Notodden. It is surrounded by mountain and water, and the sun is shining all the year. You can visit Gaustatoppen, the most beautiful mountain in Norway. By experiencing the happy life of Norway, we will take you around to visit the natural landscape and learn unique art courses to discover and enhance your contact with nature and different cultures. -Jie Zhang

We combine learning knowledge with natural culture in an interesting way, teacher and student will have a wonderful cooperation and practical experience to increase children's independence. In this short summer camp, children will enjoy the different Norwegian life, get in touch with the different lifestyle of the city, feel the local culture, try to understand art and nature. We believe that you will get something concrete and unique from this camp.

A Different Holiday

☆ Norway, the country everyone should visit in their life! This is one of the most beautiful places in the world. As you walk through the mountain and fjords, you will see the beauty of this country. The scenery is pleasant and refreshing.

☆ The CCTN team is committed to providing campers with a safe, clean and natural living environment, allowing them to handle their daily tasks, exercising their independence and harmony with their classmates. Improve your team's team spirit, creativity, initiative, leadership and responsibility, keep your children away from mobile phones, computers, get close to nature, participate in group activities, and gradually find yourself. As a sweet side note, children will have the opportunity to taste the Norwegian cuisine.

Special Art Course

☆ CCTN has many professional artists in its staff.

☆ The course combines Waldorf education concepts and is suitable for different ages and parent-child activities.

☆ Through the experience and feelings of different art forms, we can broaden the horizons as humans and enhance the education in a quality environment.

☆ We have different courses including painting, drama, handcrafting, choir, music and Eurythmy. In particular, Eurythmy is often used for education, so children can have flexible ideas and develop perseverance, perception and creativity. These forces will always exist in the hearts of children, giving them the courage to face society and the future.

Class Schedule

  • 08:00 - 09:00Breakfast
  • 09:00 - 10:00Choir
  • 10:30 - 11:30Painting
  • 12:00 - 13:30Lunch and nap
  • 13:30 - 14:30Eurythmy
  • 15:00 - 16:00Handcrafting
  • 16:30 - 17:30Music improvisation
  • 18:00 - 22:00BBQ / Visit to traditional storehouse / Performance

Teachers profiles

Jie Zhang

Norwegian-Chinese pianist, founder of Culture Center Tuddal Norway.

She studied piano when she was five years old and became the only student of the world's famous pianist Leif Ove Andsnes for three years. After graduation, she worked at the Norwegian Academy of Music. She has won numerous international and national awards since she was a child, including the Oslo Grieg International Piano Competition, as the first foreigner to win the 1st prize at the Astrid International Music Competition in Norway and she was subsequently invited to the Royal Palace for an audience with the Princess palace. Since 2004, she has held numerous personal concerts in Norway, Germany, Russia and China. In addition, she has been a soloist with all the major symphony orchestras in Norway, such as the 250-year-old Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra and the Peer Gent Chamber Orchestra. In 2019, the Norwegian National Art Foundation has granted her a new established artist award for two years for recognition as one of Norway's most promising soloists.

Angela Seitz

Born in Germany and living in Norway.

In 1994 she received her eurythmy diploma recognized of the Goetheanum/ Switzerland, which she upgraded to a BA- degree in 2007. Angela is now working on her MA in eurythmy- performance.

Since 1996 she has been part of several eurythmy- ensembles and artistic projects, a. o. « Making music visible» with Eurythmy Spring Valley/ USA, Oslo Eurytmi Ensemble, Boreas- ensemble/ Norway and Aglais- Eurythmie Ensemble/ Munich.

She has over 20 years teaching experience with adults, eurythmy students and children at Waldorfschools in Norway and recently also in China.

Kristin Holtsmark

She studied art in Germany at Alanus University and received a master degree in painting studies in Germany from 1976 to 1980.

2001 - 2017, she worked as an art department and management teacher at Waldorf School in Oslo. 1998 - 2001, she worked as a teacher at the Waldorf School of Higher Education Teacher Training 1990 - 1995, she worked as an art teacher at the Asker Waldorf School. 1987 - 1988, she worked as a youth art teacher at Bærum Waldorf School.

Jens Ole Christensen

Born in Danmark

Artium in 1968 1970 - 1974, Actor in the Odin Theatre, Holstebro, Denmark 1975 - 1980, Agriculture and farming in Norway Co-worker in Vidaråsen Landsby(camphill village, Norway)Eurythmy School, Munich, Germany Teacher in the Waldorf School Vestfold, teaching mainly Eurythmy and Drama Teacher in the Rudolf Steiner College in Oslo (Directing a performance each year) Dramastudies

Ying Teng

She studied at the Music Department of Hebei Normal University and graduated from the Southwest Normal University with a master degree in vocal performance and teaching.

At the Göteborg Conservatory of Music in Sweden, she studied at the Department of Vocal Music at the Malmö Conservatory. In 2002, she was admitted to the Norwegian National Academy of Opera and became the only Asian student accepted in the history of the college. After graduation, she worked as a contract actor at the Norwegian National Opera. She starred in Madame Butterfly at the first Christian Theatre in Oslo.

Schedule details


After your flight to Norway, you will find accommodation in Oslo, its capital.


A day in Oslo to visit the "Folk Museum" to see the Norwegian traditional architecture and national culture, the "Polar Ship Museum" where you can feel the Norwegian desire for polar adventure, then straight to the Tuddal Camp!

DAY 3-5

The course opens and so the exchange of its learning experiences. Accommodation: Tuddal Camp.


Back to Oslo to visit BI (the largest Business School in Norway and the second largest in Europe) and UIO (the University of Oslo, the largest and oldest in Norway, it was considered ine of the most prestigious in Europe) to learn about history and culture, teaching philosophy and learning atmosphere. The Oslo Palace (surrounded by its Park and Square) is next, through the famous Karl Johans Gate. Accommodation: Oslo.


Visit to the Vigeland Sculpture Park (showing 212 sculptures by the Norwegian artist Gustav Vigeland), one of the best known landmarks of Oslo then up to the Holmenkollen Ski Jump with its beautiful landscape, a symbol of the Norwegian love for skiing. Accommodation: Tuddal Camp.


A day trip to Rjukan enjoying the fun of climbing and a visit to the highest mountain in Norway. A visit to the largest wooden church in Norway is a must! Accommodation: Tuddal Camp.

DAY 9-11

By car to Bergen, the second largest city in Norway, as the former capital of Norway it is a World Heritage and European cultural city as well as a modern port town. You will try the pirate life and visit the house of Grieg, the famous composer and finally a cruis in the Sognefjord that with its more than 200 kilometers and a maximum depth of 1308 meters, is a World Heritage site. Accommodation: Voss, Oslo.

DAY 12

A final trip to the Norwegian Opera House, the home of the National Opera and Ballet, then back to airport, and finally home.

Registration and contacts:

WeChat: "zym291739879" or "lagegia"